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18-Year-Old Daughter Assaults Her Mother Over Food Stamp Card

Mother Assaulted by Daughter
18-year Old Daughter Assaults Mother over Food Stamp Card. (Photo:istock)

18-Year Old Daughter Assaults Mother Over Food Stamp Card

18-year-old daughter Sha’meka Ronesha White allegedly assaulted her mother last December 4, 2022 at their residence at South 8th Street which caused a domestic disturbance. The reason for the incident is a food stamp card.

According to a post published by WKRG, the police learned that the suspect allegedly held her mother down against her will which caused a scuffle between the suspect and the victim. After, the police then interviewed White who allegedly admitted to assaulting her mother.

The daughter was then placed under arrest and transported to Ouachita Correctional Center. She was then later charged with domestic abuse battery.

Mother Assaulted by Daughter Over Food Stamp Card

18-year Old Daughter Assaults Mother over Food Stamp Card. (Photo:robertpaterson)

Fighting Over Food Stamp Card

In Louisiana, the Department of Children and Family Services is urging those who use Food Stamp Cards to take precautions against card skimmers. Crime rates involving Food Stamp Cards are at a high since their release. Louisiana DCFS issued a notice last November urging beneficiaries to become vigilant regarding this matter.

They advise monitoring purchases and consider taking other steps to prevent theft as police investigate reported crimes involving Food Stamp Cards. These crimes do not only limited to skimming and assault as many other atrocities may come from the advent of the present situation that other see as advantageous to some.

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