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California Hit With Heavy Snow and Flash Flood as Central U.S. Prepares For Tornado Threats

Severe Storm Brings Threat of Heavy Snow and Tornadoes
Severe Winter Storm to bring threats of heavy snow and tornadoes to central US. (Photo: Flipboard)

Central US Prepares for Tornado Threats

A monstrous winter storm is expected to bring heavy snow and menacing travel conditions to the West this weekend before moving towards the central US. According to a published post by MSN, A severe thunderstorm and a possible tornado outbreak may be triggered as the storm heads towards the Plains in Central US while blizzard conditions may continue in the storm’s cold sides to the north and west.

Most of the country’s western parts namely Washington, Oregon, Idaho, northern California, and Nevada were given winter storm warnings last Saturday. Millions in southern California were bracing for a weekend of rain, high winds, or snow at higher elevations.

California and Central US Expecting Winter Storm over the weekend

Dangerous travel conditions to the West over the weekend as a Severe Winter Storm enters California and Central US. (Photo: US News)

Severe Winter Storm hits California and Central U.S.

Over the weekend, a monstrous severe winter storm is expected to hit Central US and expand to the West giving out major snowfall, and producing high winds which may cause menacing travel conditions across mountain passes.

The said conditions will extend over the weekend before moving out to the eastern areas of the country. Mountain roads are covered with snow and caused multiple vehicles to spin out along northern California’s Interstate 80.

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