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Alabama SNAP Eligibility

SNAP Eligibility Requirements in Alabama
SNAP Stamp Benefits (Photo: AL)

SNAP Eligibility Test: Gross Income, Net Income and Asset Test

Depending on the state where you belong and on the household members you have be it and elderly (over 60) or a disabled member, your household may be exempted from the Gross income, Net income. and Asset tests. According to a published post by snapscreener, SNAP eligibility requirements in Alabama were expanded beyond the standard federal SNAP eligibility requirements. Net income is difficult to calculate when compared to the Gross income and Asset tests due to its straightforward attributes.

SNAP Eligibility Requirements in Alabama

SNAP Sign Outside a store in Alabama (Photo: alreporter)

Determining Eligibility of SNAP Benefits in  Alabama

Gross monthly income is the household income before any deductions of the program is applied. The standards states that they must be at or below 130 percent of the poverty line. Net income is the household income after the deductions are applied and must still be at or below the poverty line. When it comes to assets, there are certain limits that a household must have. Households without a member at the age of 60 or older or a member who has a disability must have assets of $2750 or less and household with members mentioned must have assets of $4250 or less. There are people who are categorized as ineligible for SNAP regardless of their income or assets. These are the following; people on strike; all people without a documented immigration status; some students attending college more than half time; and some immigrants who are lawfully present.


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