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$5000 Energy Rebates; Thanks to A New Law, See Eligibility

$5000 Rebates Possibility From a New Law
Proposed New Law May give $5000 Rebates for Consumers (Photo: The US Sun)

Energy-Efficiency Incentives For Tucson Electric Power Costumers

Lawmakers mandated in 2019 that state-regulated companies must accomplish 22 percent of energy savings by 2020. In addition to this, TEP (Tucson Electric Power) was ordered by Arizona lawmakers to expand programs after rejecting the petition to refund over $12 million in unspent funds. The funds found to be unspent are supposed to be given back to customer surcharges to support energy efficiency programs. Customers pay the surcharge as a way of supporting the energy-efficiency programs but won’t be increased. Under a new measure, custom HVAC installations like space heating and cooling technologies could be eligible for rebates of up to $5,000 per home.

New Law Probable to Give $5000 Rebates

Proposed New Law May give $5000 Rebates for Consumers (Photo: The US Sun)

Budget Increase to Cater Rebates

According to a post published by The US Sun, the program has a budget of approximately $23.8 million for 2022 and 2023. Also, TEP (Tucson Electric Power) may receive a performance incentive of approximately $988,000 for compliance. It will be upgrading and adding several new programs to many of its residential and commercial energy efficiency incentive programs. TEP (Tucson Electric Power) will also cut certain programs depending on whether they are deemed cost-effective or not. Based on potential savings, all programs are now subject to cost analysis.

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