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$1,691 SNAP Benefits Will Be Loaded Next Week For Eligible Residents in Virginia

SNAP benefits
SNAP benefits will be loaded next week in Virginia. (Photo: CNET)

The state of Virginia extended its SNAP benefits and an amount of $1,691 will be loaded onto the EBT cards of eligible residents.

SNAP Benefits

SNAP benefits will be loaded next week in Virginia. (Photo: CNET)

SNAP Benefits in Virginia

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits is one of the aids that millions of Americans enjoy across the country. However, not all states participate in this program and the amount that each American receives depends on the state where they lived.

In Virginia, state officials decided to extend the program. Virginia Department of Social Services, the agency that oversees the implementation in the state, announced that eligible recipients should expect their EBT cards to be loaded automatically on Dec. 16.

According to an article published in WJHL11 News, each recipient will receive an amount of $281. This means that a household with a size of eight persons will receive $1,691 next week. Each additional person in the household after the 8th recipient will receive $211.

How To Use SNAP Benefits?

SNAP benefits is a program that aims to support struggling residents in the country to purchase nutritious food. However, there are items or lists of food that a person can buy using the SNAP benefits. This is to make sure that the eligible recipients are using it properly.

SNAP is commonly known before as Food Stamps because you will use the stamp to purchase food. However, most of the states today call it EBT or P-EBT, other states have another term for this, and the implementing agency will load the benefits automatically.

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