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Alert With The Draws For Corona Refrigerators That Arrive By WhatsApp

In recent days, messages have been spreading through WhatsApp in which small refrigerators decorated with vinyls of Corona beer or Heineken beer are being raffled. Both of these messages are scams by which scammers try to obtain their victims’ personal details in order to steal their money.

In the case of Corona, the message justifies the gift of mini-fridges on the occasion of the ‘Oktoberfest 2022’ festival . By accessing the link they provide, the browser does not take us to the official website of the beer, but rather takes us to a fake site.

There, we will first be asked to fill out a short survey . Later, the web will take us to another page where it asks us to choose a gift box from the several that it shows. After choosing any of them, the message will always be the same: we have won the prize and for this we must send the message to 20 friends through WhatsApp and fill out a form with our personal data. This is the reason why the scam is spreading so much.

Immediately afterwards, it redirects us to another page in which it is indicated that we can obtain a prize of 800 euros from Mercadona . And, for this, it requires us to fill out a new form, where, this time, they ask us for personal data. In addition, by doing so we will be giving consent to subscribe to a non-existent service that will charge us a fixed fee every 28 days, unless it is canceled.

Same scam impersonating Heineken
In the case of the alleged Heineken raffle , the procedure is exactly the same, only the logos, images and colors are those of this other beer. In both cases, it is the same scam that spread a few months ago supplanting the identity of Coca-Cola .

In that case, the Internet Security Office (OSI) advised taking the following measures: “If you have seen advertising or messages with these characteristics, you have accessed the link and provided your credit card details at some point, contact as soon as possible with your bank to inform them of what happened. In addition, we recommend that you remain vigilant and periodically monitor the information that is published about you on the Internet to prevent your private data from being used without your consent.”

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