Audio: Steel FC Insights with Alan Koch

Alan Koch shares details on their preparations for Bethlehem on Sunday, including possible lineup changes, injury updates, and how they’ll prepare for the environment at Goodman Stadium.

Orange and Blue Press checked in with Alan Koch at FC Cincinnati’s final training session before Sunday’s match. As introduced in our Match Program yesterday, the team will be playing in front of a significantly smaller crowd at Steel FC and will likely see several lineup changes.

Key Thoughts

Regarding Goodman Stadium, Koch agreed, “Very different environment…this game is a business where you have to be self-motivated.”

Koch stated about Sunday’s starting lineup and formation, “There might be some changes, I certainly don’t push panic buttons…we looked at a couple different options this week in training”. He added, “Formations are just numbers, how we play it can be completely different…how individual players play within that formation can be completely different each game”.


Listen to the full audio of our conversation with Alan Koch below, including an injury update (1:52).

Continue to tune in to Orange and Blue Press for FC Cincinnati’s match versus Steel FC Sunday.

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