Match Photos: FC Cincinnati 2 – 3 New York Red Bulls

20170815_CRAVEN_FCC v NYRB_USOPENCUP_Semis - 4-2.jpg

Here are forty images of FC Cincinnati’s semifinal loss against the New York Red Bulls in the US Open Cup on Tuesday, August 15th. All photos courtesy of Joe Craven.

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All images are copy write protected to safeguard the creative rights of our photographers. We’re very open to sharing our work with those who want to show support for FC Cincinnati. We simply request that you ask (via DM on Twitter or email) and give credit where it’s due. Thanks!

Stay tuned to Orange and Blue Press for more coverage of FC Cincinnati’s 2017 season.

20170815_CRAVEN_FCC v NYRB_USOPENCUP_Semis - 4-2

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