Huge Semifinal Ticket Demand: Down Goes Glitnir

Due to the volume of fans seeking tickets to FC Cincinnati’s semifinal match, the ticketing website Glitnir crashed on Tuesday.

Photo courtesy JES Photography / Joe Schmuck

The newest success of FC Cincinnati, their berth into the semifinals of the U.S. Open Cup against the New York Red Bulls, is also their latest issue. Tickets released to the public for the upcoming match crashed FCC’s online ordering system, Glitnir; “Unfortunately, their system has gone down and we have not been able to facilitate orders since shortly after 1:00 pm today,” said President and GM, Jeff Berding. Officially, the game is not sold out, but ticketing has been delayed at least a day, a week before kick off. The official Twitter page of FC Cincinnati also took time to assure those who had tickets stating, “if you managed to get through…your tickets are absolutely valid.”

UPDATE: Just after 8pm on Tuesday, August 8th, the server issues causing the problem with the ticketing site were resolved. Access was opened up again an fans have been able to purchase tickets successfully since. Reports indicate that the game is close to selling out, but the exact number of tickets remaining is hard to determine.

10,000 tickets, more than a fourth of the total capacity of Nippert Stadium, have already been sold to season ticket holders as of last week, but the rest will not be available via phone, email, online, or on social media until the team releases more information; the only place to currently find seats is on secondary market sites, like StubHub. While bad news for ticket seekers today, this moment is a good indication of the ever-growing local support. More people than ever want to buy seats to the most successful professional team in Cincinnati in recent years.

The attendance of FC Cincinnati soccer matches has long been highlighted by fans and league officials; the largest crowd recorded for a competitive FCC game was against Chicago Fire just a few weeks ago, 32,287. Want to break that number? Then this is a good thing. Having a site, that as Berding said was prepped “following our win against Miami FC,” crash shows a bit about the technology employed, but more so about the passion and excitement surrounding this semifinal.

Winning games gets this team closer to MLS, but the local enthusiasm shown means Cincinnati can bring in just as many marching fans as the West or East coast, putting more dollars in MLS pockets if they give the Queen City the green-light. Games like the upcoming match against New York Red Bulls are tests to the homegrown fandom, and though the technology let them down today, supporters are once again showing why they deserve to cheer on this team in the top flight of professional soccer in America.


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